I’m A New Yorker!

Hey guys welcome back.

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Right before moving, my parents got all of my close friends and family together for a BBQ going away party. That was pretty fun, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss all of them.

There was this one moment during the party where my uncle who actually came all the way from Texas (my one relative that did move away from Michigan) came up to me and we had sort of a moment. If there is anyone who could relate to what I was about to go through it was him. After graduating from college, he moved to Texas to start a company with his college roommate. They started an MRI McAllen business.

He told me to go out there and have the time of my life. and boy, did I.

Remember, I am from a small town. A town where nothing really happens out of the ordinary.

Put yourself in my situation? Just turned 22 year old single guy living in NYC.

I think for the first month I was living here, I went out every single night. I didn’t really know anyone, which made this experience a little challenging, but one I was ready to accept and conquer.

Here in NYC, you can walk out the front door of your apartment, and you are hit with a rush of excitement from the hustle and bustle of the city. And I fed off of it. The good thing about my situation was that I had saved up enough money to live in NYC for a whole year without having to work a job.

The plan was to move, settle in. and slowly start looking for work.

Which is what I did. I’ve been living here for a couple months now and have just been enjoying the city and keeping an ear out for a job.

I’ve met some pretty cool people so far. Like my neighbor who is from Cuba. His name is Miguel and he works at this World Market in Midtown. He told me whenever I am ready to start working, he could hook me up there.

So what does it feel like to be a New Yorker? I absolutely love it. I know it takes time for you to be able to call yourself a New Yorker, but I honestly feel like I am here to stay.

See you guys tomorrow, and if you guys are ever in the city, hit me up!